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Physiotherapy in the young is a specialty that requires specific skills and knowledge. The fundamental difference in offering physiotherapy in children is to understand that the movements are being developed in the brain for the first time in a child, unlike adults where physiotherapy is offered to regain the physical abilities that are lost after an injury.Our physiotherapy services are designed to help various kinds of neuro developmental disorders, genetic conditions and high-risk infants to achieve their best physical outcome. Premature babies often need proper follow-up of their motor development due to the higher incidence of complications as compared to normal babies.

We are also adept in doing appropriate standardized assessments based on the age group and condition of a particular child. Our physiotherapists use a “sensory-motor” approach while dealing with children as we believe that a child has to be motivated to move and use the various senses of the body during this process. This enhances the learning as the child is initiating the process in a very relaxed manner. Thus the therapy rooms are very bright and colorful, child-friendly and well equipped for a wide range of ages to improve the gross motor and fine motor functions of a child.

The therapy for a child is a continuous process hence parents are trained on various postures, facilitation of movements, incorporation of skills to encourage activities of daily living and prevention of deformities. Advice on the need for Orthotics and the type of orthotics are also given. The physiotherapist also advices on any additional modifications required at home or at school to facilitate the daily functioning of a child with a specific physical disability.

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