An Early Intervention Centre for Children

Child development is an age – old term, familiar and used by many. Childhood is a celebrated and enjoyable period in every human being’s life. These early years have a profound impact on a person’s future. Every childhood presents an incomparable window of opportunity to make a difference in that child’s life, especially if things are not going right. Mankind is improving their knowledge in all aspects of life and technology is aiding us in increasing our information on the process of childhood development at a molecular level. In the medical sector we now have answers to many childhood neurological conditions whether it is for their diagnosis or treatment. It is common knowledge that nutrition, health and genetics influence greatly in the formative years. Traditionally we have many practices to optimize this but what was not known earlier is how much and to what effect does childhood stimulation have on this developmental process. What is ‘magical’ about these early years? The brain of the human is one organ that has been extensively studied as all functions of the body are directed by this organ. Development of the brain is a long drawn out process beginning at the time of conception till about 6-8 years of life. Although the functioning of the brain is sculpted by a lifetime of experiences, this growing period remains the ‘magical’ period in anyone’s life.

  • New Beginnings, we are striving towards making every therapy session to be interactive with the parents.
  • Parent intervention and participation are the only ways to enable the success of any programme for children.
  • Our charges are affordable, thus, enabling families to access quality treatment in a child-friendly setting.
  • We are looking forward that this will encourage people to seek help at the earliest and continue providing the help as long as their children require it.


Consultation services

Clinical consultation with Developmental Paediatrician for delayed development and behavioral problems…

Psychometric assessments

Psychometric Assessments- Developmental Assessment, IQ, ASD, ADHD, Early Learning skills, Behavioural Issues…

Speech Therapy & Assessment

Language development & articulation assessment, Speech Rehabilitation…

Occupational Therapy & Assessment

Comprehensive evaluation and rehabilitation of activities of daily living, fine motor…

Sensory integration therapy

Sensory Integration is a complex process that is plays a vital aspect in the learning of children…

Paediatric Physiotherapy Services

Evaluation and rehabilitation of motor delays in children, Follow-up of babies to improve…

Behavioral Therapy & Pre-Literacy Skills

Behaviour modification strategies by positive reinforcement, Preschool skills training…

Visual Rehabilitation Services

Evaluation and rehabilitation of Cortico-visual impairment, Evaluation of visual disorders in children…

Child Psychiatry Consultation

Assessment, diagnosis & treatment planning for children & adolescents with a psychiatric illness.

Early Intervention Programmes for Infants and Children

We offer early intervention programs to children of all ages from birth including inclusive early education, pediatric therapies, and specialized programs for children with autism or mental health diagnoses.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Can help to relieve the symptoms and make the condition much less of a problem in day-to-day life. ADHD can be treated using medication or therapy, but a combination of both is often best.

Structured Academic Testing

Standardized tests which measure a child’s academic progress and achievement.As it determines the acquired knowledge which a child has learned, and whether the child is performing below or above their similarly aged peers.

Early Stimulation Programme for Preterm babies

Early stimulation and follow-up care to improve physical and cognitive outcomes in high-risk NICU babies and premature babies.

Autism Spectrum Disorders

New Beginnings is a Leading specialist interventions that aim to improve communication skills and help with educational and social development.

Integrated Child Care Program (ICCP)

Providing children the natural learning environment alongside mainstream peers will help prepare them for future entry into mainstream primary education.

Developmental Milestone Checklist

We Improve the behaviors and skills that most children demonstrate at a given age. It’s important to note that all children develop differently.

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